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International Wills and Probate

We recognise the increasing need for this important service. Approximately 250,00 British residents own property abroad.montimarpool2

About 200,000 Britons emigrate every year.

It’s a common misconception that if you move overseas permanently you are no longer liable to UK Inheritance Tax. In fact, it can be advantageous to use your UK Inheritance Nil Rate Tax Band of £325,000 for tax year 2014/15 for various reasons.
Even when you are living in a foreign country, your family may be subject to British Inheritance Tax on your Estate upon your death.

The law says you normally take the domicile of your father, and it is extremely difficult to 005_0026_thmrevoke it even if you emigrate.

Problems can be avoided or at least minimised by making a separate Will to cover overseas assets. It is imperative, therefore, to have a UK and complementary foreign Will to assist in the smooth administration of Probate affairs on death both here in UK and abroad.
Contact our International Wills and Probate Dept. providing a brief description of the location and service required.