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Inheritance Tax Planning

Seek peace of mind over your family’s future.

When you’ve spent a lifetime building your wealth, you want the ones you loved to inherit as much of it as possible. And that takes careful financial planning.

Skipton Building Society can help you establish whether inheritance tax could affect your legacy – and if necessary, work with you to address any liability you may have.

With annual inheritance tax revenue reaching record figures, speaking to someone now could give you greater peace of mind over your family’s future.

  • Inheritance tax applies if your estate is worth more than a certain level upon your death. Anything above this is charged at up to 40%.
  • Your estate includes anything from your home, car, savings and investments – to jewellery and household furniture.
  • Through a face-to-face review, Skipton can guide you through the complexities of inheritance tax rules and solutions. Then suggest ways that could help you address it.
  • Their recommendations will be tailored to you and there is absolutely no pressure act.

Some areas of inheritance tax aren’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Various inheritance tax solutions could put your capital at risk, so you may get back less than you invested. And inheritance tax thresholds depend on your individual situation and prevailing legislation – both of which may change in the future.

Find out now if you could be liable for inheritance tax. Call Skipton today for a free and quick consultation.

Taking ten minutes out of your day could prove worthwhile – and make a positive difference to your family’s future.

  1. 30 years’ experience in financial planning
  2. Trained financial advisers, local and across UK
  3. No pressure to act
  4. Accessible advice in your home, Skipton branch or over a video-link
  5. Tailored recommendations
  6. Advice you can understand, value and trust